Synopsis —
Inheritance (Aggie Ebrahimi Bazaz) 2011 TRT: 28:43
Divorce. Revolution. Exile. Blending poetic and vérité documentary forms, Iranian-born filmmaker, Aggie Ebrahimi Bazaz, intimately explores these contemporaneous events in her family’s history. Inside her mother’s home, Aggie follows the collected remnants of her mother’s emotional journey from married woman in pre-Revolution Iran to divorced woman living away from post-Revolution Iran. In so doing, the films becomes a contemplation on story: the stories that we’re born into. The stories we cannot escape. And the stories we wish to begin writing for ourselves.

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Bio —
Aggie Ebrahimi Bazaz graduated from Temple’s Film and Media Arts program with her MFA degree in August 2011. She also holds a Master’s degree in Multicultural Literature and Women’s Studies from the University of Georgia. While at Temple, Aggie wrote and directed three documentary films exploring issues of the Iranian diaspora. Her first film, Conversations with My Aunt, won the Best Documentary Award at the Greater Philadelphia Student Film Festival in 2009. In her most recent film, Aggie bridges her literary and cultural backgrounds with her interests in documentary aesthetics. Upon its completion, she plans to screen it at universities around the country in hopes of sparking much-needed conversation about the emergence of the Iranian American community as a legitimate, complex, and powerful voice within North American cultural politics.


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